Monday, January 09, 2006

Billy Crystal's enormous ego...

There was a time when I really liked Billy Crystal. Then he became a big star, hosted the Oscars and now his massive ego seems cry for attention. Once again the Academy Awards will have somebody other than Billy Crystal hosting the show and once again Billy Crystal is telling anybody who will listen that the Academy begged him to make time to host the annual festival.

When Steve Martin took the job a few years ago, Crystal commented that he could have done better. Last year Chris Rock played host and handful of stars took offense to being needled at their annual hooray-for-me party. Now the Academy has tapped Jon Stewart to host this years gala and Crystal is taking time out of his busy schedule to make sure Stewart knows he was not the first choice.

Stewart is a funny guy with a quick wit and a dry sense of humor. He might be the kind of guy who takes this gig and runs with it. A one time MTV hack and failed late night talk show host, Stewart got a crack at a regular paying job when the Daily Show needed a new host. Stewart stepped in and the cult show picked up steam and became a national powerhouse. Under Stewart The Daily Show has gone from scraping the bottom of the barrel for guests to lining up some of the biggest stars in the business.

Through it all Stewart has proven that he has a brilliant sense of humor and excellent timing, and his experience rubbing elbows with the glitterati will help him make this year's presentation a success. Crystal might think that he's always the first one to be called to host the Oscars, but Stewart is the fresh presence the stodgy event needs. Crystal can go back to tending his ego and working on his boring little projects.

As for the Oscars, who really cares? Do we really need to have an entire show dedicated to patting actors and actresses on the back for getting paid way too much money to read lines? The Academy has proven that the awards are truly meaningless, how else can you explain Marisa Tomei winning an Oscar for My Cousin Vinny?

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